My purpose is to do meaningful work and positively affect the world we live in.


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I believe I must bring my whole self to the table if I want to thrive in today’s world. That includes my unique set of gifts, my personality, my sense of humour and most importantly, my heart.

My purpose is to do meaningful work and positively affect the world we live in. There are five core values guiding me in everything I do — see below.

My values

Anything is possible

That’s the way I see the world. I truly believe that anything is possible and I always work with that mantra in mind. It’s all just about hard work and having the right motivation, creativity and problem solving ability.

Just get it done

I don’t believe much in job roles. I just roll up my sleeves and do whatever needs to be done and whatever brings the fruit for my clients. This is supported by my personal accountability and ability to work both independently and as a part of a team.

Honesty and courage

I’m respectfully honest with my co-workers and clients. And I require the same from them. I fully trust in my clients and believe in their courage and hunger to fulfil their goals and do whatever needs to be done.

The beauty of the solution

Combining insightful work, wisdom, and the ability to adjust focus should lead to beautiful solutions; not just aesthetically but also from a meaningful perspective. Beauty is often derived from the simplicity of a solution or from the elegant expression of a complex idea.

Strive for good

Personal integrity and striving for good is another mantra of mine. I work purely on meaningful things and support charities through pro bono work. My motivation is to make a positive and impactful contribution to the world we live in.